Sunday, January 16, 2011


My 27th year in pictures.

Birthday trip to Seattle to see Patti Smith, lifelong dream realized! She was promoting Just Kids and it was the most amazing experience to hear her read from the book. She played a few songs too but I think hearing her emotion behind the stories of her relationship with Robert was almost more special.

 Cat show! This was my favorite dude, check out that mustache!
Trip to LA to get some much needed February sunshine and to see our friend's band play. It was 90 degrees that weekend!

Saw Charro perform at a casino and won $800 bones! Bought some Chanel flats with my winnings, haaayyyyyy!

Got engaged to the man I love, he surprised me with the most perfect antique deco ring. 

Went camping in this mystical magical place. 

The beautiful building next door to mine caught fire. I was almost certain my place would catch fire too, there's only maybe 10 feet between them. Scariest day of the year. 

Started actually going on hikes instead of just talking about it, saw amazing things like these weird rare translucent flowers called the ghost plant.

Went on a somewhat spontaneous cross-country road trip with two of my best friends.

Survived a tornado.

Summerland opened for business!


  1. um, I was looking at the building on fire in this post, is that se 14th? If so, i used to live a block away, but moved Jan 1st. crayzay!

  2. um, nevermind... just realized it's not the same place I was thinking of.

  3. yeah no this building is in NW, it was so crazy! are you still in portland?

  4. this is such a beautiful post. congrats on all the amazing accomplishments this year, i hope your 28th year is just as successful, if not more.