Sunday, November 22, 2009

Childhood Breakfast

Brunch is my favorite part of Sundays. Today I made my favorite breakfast from my childhood, eggs in a basket. So easy to make:

- butter a slice of your favorite bread
- press the rim of a glass into a piece of bread, punch out the circle to make a hole
- lay the slice of bread and bread circle into a pan on medium heat, allow one side to brown
- flip over slice of bread and bread circle, allowing the other side to brown slightly
- crack an egg into the hole in the slice of bread, cook until the bottom of the egg has set, about 2 minutes
- slide a spatula under the slice of bread and flip the bread very gently (being sure to keep the yolk from breaking)
- let the other side cook until the yold has set to your liking

One of my favorite simple breakfasts!

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